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‘The Bear’ Season 3: First Look at The Jeremy Allen Led Series

At the Walt Disney Company’s Annual Shareholder Meeting on 3rd April, a snippet from the highly anticipated ‘The Bear’ season 3 was unveiled. The clip gave viewers a glimpse into Jeremy Allen White’s character navigating the rocky opening of his revamped eatery, with colleagues Ted and Neil adding to the pressure.

In the clip, Ted and Neil plastered a collage of photos of food critics on the wall, symbolizing potential adversaries capable of derailing the restaurant’s success with a single negative review. When Carmy was summoned to the room to assess the display, he expressed his discomfort, though unsure of the exact feeling.

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Image Courtesy: IMDb

Nevertheless, he commended his colleagues, saying, “This looks good, though. This is smart. Good job.” Exiting the office with an uneasy expression, Carmy’s reaction hinted at his apprehension, while Neil and Ted exchanged satisfied looks, pleased with their handiwork.

Shortly after the clip surfaced on X (formerly known as Twitter), FX stated The Hollywood Reporter, clarifying that the footage had been shared without authorisation and was meant exclusively for the shareholder meeting.

Image Courtesy: Variety

Details about the storyline for ‘The Bear”s third season remain scarce, but according to Deadline, filming for a subsequent fourth season will occur simultaneously. Production commenced in Chicago in February, with the third season slated to premiere on FX and Hulu in June.

During an interview on the ‘Today show’ in December, Jeremy Allen White disclosed that filming would commence in February, with preparations including kitchen training sessions. Reflecting on his past experiences, White revealed how he immersed himself in the restaurant world to prepare for his role, acknowledging the challenges and competitiveness of the industry.

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