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‘The NeverEnding Story’: New Film Series Continues Legacy From Iconic ’80s And ’90s Versions

Based on the 1979 novel by Michael Ende, ‘The Neverending Story’ captivated audiences with its 1984 film adaptation and subsequent sequels. Now, Michael Ende Productions and See-Saw Films are joining forces to bring this timeless story to a new generation.

Iain Canning, a producer at See-Saw Films, highlights the enduring appeal of ‘The Neverending Story.’ The story is both timely and timeless, he explains and has an opportunity to be told freshly. He emphasises the book’s ability to resonate with readers of all ages.

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“Part of the specialness is that you can go back to it at different points in your life and discover new layers of meaning,” he says. This adaptability is precisely what makes a new adaptation so exciting. “We just believe that every generation deserves their own journey into Fantastica,” Canning concludes.

Michael Ende Productions, guardian of the original story, acknowledges the significant interest in revisiting Fantasia. “We’ve been overwhelmed with interest from the television and film industry in recent years,” says Ralph Gassmann, another producer.  

Image Courtesy: IGN India

However, they approached the decision carefully. “It was only about four to five years ago when we felt it was right to go back to Fantastica,” Gassmann explains.  They embarked on a meticulous search for the perfect collaborator.

“We looked at hundreds of requests,” he says, “searching for a partner so compelling that they’d make us jump into the boat with them on this crazy adventure.” Finding that ideal partner in See-Saw Films solidified their decision to move forward.

-Sushmita Sarkar

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