The War And Treaty Advocate For Diversity on Country Radio: “Deserve a Chance”

Tanya and Michael Trotter Jr., a dynamic husband-and-wife duo known as The War and Treaty, made a striking appearance on the red carpet at the Ford Center at The Star in Frisco, Texas. During an interview, they discussed their recent rise to fame and notable achievements, which include receiving two Grammy nominations and an ACM Award nomination for duo of the year.

Amidst the excitement surrounding their success, Michael took a thoughtful pause to address an issue that continues to persist in the country music genre – the lack of inclusivity. He expressed his belief that true acceptance and inclusivity are yet to be fully embraced by the industry and country music fans. 

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The War And Treaty
Image Courtesy: People

He highlighted the importance of having more diversity on country music radio, including greater representation for women, Black artists, and Hispanic artists, emphasising the need to provide these talented individuals with equal opportunities.

In his candid remarks, Michael shared a conversation he had with fellow artist Brittney Spencer, who voiced a desire for a chance to showcase her music, even if it meant facing rejection. He underlined the significance of allowing diverse voices to be heard and acknowledged, advocating for a more inclusive and open-minded approach within the country music community.

The couple’s journey has not been without challenges, as Michael recounted an instance where The War and Treaty received a standing ovation for one of their songs at the Country Radio Seminar, a notable industry event. Despite this positive reception, he noted the reluctance of country music radio stations to play their music. Despite these hurdles, The War and Treaty remain undeterred in their pursuit of artistic expression and recognition within the country music scene.

Looking ahead, Tanya and Michael are set to embark on an exciting new chapter as they prepare to open for The Rolling Stones during the legendary rock band’s Hackney Diamonds tour at the SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles this summer. Tanya expressed her excitement about this upcoming opportunity, describing it as a manifestation of their musical journey and a moment they eagerly anticipated.

-Sushmita Sarkar