These Are The Creepiest Horror Movie Twins

Horror movies feed off of well-known themes, like the timeless ‘Frankenstein’ theme found in newer films like ‘Lisa Frankenstein’ or the impending end of apocalyptic scenarios like those portrayed in ‘Evil Dead Rise.’ However, some of these clichés are more offensive than others. The introduction of twins is one such eerie device that never fails to give chills.

Pairs are inherently unsettling, particularly when they take the form of evil, murderous siblings. Horror movies featuring twins play on our innate fear of duality and the otherworldly. Despite having the same appearance, something is unsettling about them—whether it’s their synced movements, similar thoughts, or uncanny bond. 

The horror genre takes advantage of this natural fear, using the eerie Twins trope to great effect in some of the scariest movies ever to be released on the big screen.

Horror Movie Twins
Todd and Terry
‘Blood Rage’ (1987)
Horror Movie Twins
Holly and Heather
‘A Haunting at Silver Falls’ (2013)
Horror Movie Twins
Bo and Vincent Sinclair
‘House of Wax’ (2005)
Horror Movie Twins
Elliot and Beverly Mantle
‘Dead Ringers’ (1988)
Horror Movie Twins
The Grady Girls
‘The Shining’ (1980)
Horror Movie Twins
The Twin Sisters
‘American Mary’ (2012)
Horror Movie Twins
Emily and Gabriel
‘Malignant’ (2021)​​​​
Horror Movie Twins
Duane and Belial
‘Basket Case’ (1982)
Horror Movie Twins
Danielle and Dominique
‘Sisters’ (1972)
Horror Movie Twins
lias and Lukas
‘Goodnight Mommy’ (2022)

– Farheen Ali