This is Why ‘Euphoria’ Season 3 is Delayed

Fans of ‘Euphoria’ are excited about the show’s departure from high school and they are looking forward to its return for a third season. According to reports, HBO postponed production after creator Sam Levinson and the network discussed the characters’ new post-graduation trajectory. 

Viewers are excited to see where Rue and her friends will go in this intriguing investigation of youth, identity, and addiction in the upcoming chapter, as the plot is set to change. 

HBO has delayed the release of ‘Euphoria’ Season 3 as it works with Levinson and the network to determine the show’s post-high school course. This timeline is subject to change, but Levinson intends to introduce a significant time jump in the upcoming season, potentially aiming for a release in 2025.

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Euphoria Season 3
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Character arcs for Rue, Nate, Jules, and Cassie and the number of episodes are still up for negotiation between Levinson and HBO.

Part of the delay in Season 3 is Levinson’s painstaking writing process. The Emmy-winning guest star Colman Domingo characterizes Levinson as a writer who explores existential issues of identity in his work and returns to it time and time again. Furthermore, the events of Season 2 left the characters in high school without specifically addressing graduation, which left the story unfinished.

Euphoria Season 3
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Production has been further delayed by Levinson’s involvement in other projects and the effects of the 2023 writers’ strike. There are difficulties involved in taking a high school-focused program into new narrative spheres, which puts more pressure on the upcoming season’s development.

HBO has permitted the cast to pursue other endeavours while staying dedicated to Season 3, even with the postponement. However, schedule changes for filming might be necessary due to cast members’ commitments to other projects. HBO understands the cast’s strong demand and is willing to work with their schedules, understanding their desire to revisit ‘Euphoria.’

– Farheen Ali