This is Why Hunter Schafer Doesn’t Want to do Trans Roles

In a recent cover story for GQ, Hunter Schafer shared her deliberate efforts to steer attention away from her transgender identity and towards her work as an actress. The rising star expressed her desire not to be solely defined by her gender orientation, admitting that she has even avoided mentioning the word “trans” during interviews to prevent it from overshadowing her accomplishments.

Reflecting on the media’s tendency to focus on her gender identity rather than her acting, Schafer explained, “It has not just happened naturally by any means. If I let it happen, it would still be ‘Transsexual Actress’ before every article ever.” She added that as soon as she mentions her transgender identity in interviews, it becomes the primary focus.

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Hunter Schafer
Image Courtesy: Rolling Stone

“It took a while to learn that and it also took a while to learn that I don’t want to be [reduced to] that,” Schafer continued, expressing her frustration with being constantly associated with her gender identity. “Especially after high school, I was sick of talking about it. I worked so hard to get where I am, past these really hard points in my transition, and now I just want to be a girl and finally move on.”

Schafer also discussed her deliberate choice to decline numerous transgender roles, stating, “It’s been very intentional. I’ve gotten offered tons of trans roles, and I just don’t want to do it. I don’t want to talk about it.”

Hunter Schafer
Image Courtesy: Teen Vogue

Despite feeling a sense of responsibility towards the transgender community as one of the most prominent trans figures in media, Schafer believes that focusing on her career rather than her gender identity will ultimately contribute more to the cause.

“I know for a fact that I am one of the most famous trans people in media right now,” Schafer acknowledged. “And I do feel a sense of responsibility, and maybe a little bit of guilt, for not being more of a spokesperson. But ultimately, I really do believe that not making it the centrepiece of what I’m doing will allow me to get further.