Timberlake and Paak Got No Slacking

Justin Timberlake recently collaborated with the Grammy Award winner, Anderson Paak, for their summery track, ‘Don’t Slack’. And now, this baby’s just got its own music video, featuring none other than the peppy, Anna Kendrick!  

Justin’s worked with a lot of big names and this time, his collab with Paak definitely falls under the umbrella of unusual duos. JT even opened up on how the song came about,

“ Andy came on to work on the second installment of The Trolls franchise and he plays a really dope character. He plays none other than George Clinton’s son. And we had talked about doing something together and this became a really fun opportunity. We both have sons. We were talking about having a song that really had a lot of energy and something that could play at the end of the movie. And Andy started the vibe for it. I think we were trying to do a sixties’ vibe with it to give it a little something vintage, but try to be innovative with it at the same time, which I think is something you could hear in both of our music. “

Though the video was shot in February, we see Anna Kendrick experience life in quarantine, she wakes up to text messages that she ignores but is soon surprised by the animated versions of Timberlake and Paak, which only exist in her mind. But it’s not all bad as they break into a personal concert in her house while Anna roams about in her PJ’s. Yup, that’s a big quarantine mood alright!

Take a look, this one’s bound to cheer you up!