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Top Political Thrillers of The 21st Century

Filmmakers have long used cinema to reflect and dissect the political landscape. This gave rise to the ‘political thriller’ genre in the 20th century, combining tension with social commentary. Whether based on truth or fiction, these films are often hailed as cinematic masterpieces. In the 21st century, political thrillers have continued to captivate audiences, offering a blend of suspense and insight into societal issues. 

From revealing historical truths to crafting gripping fictional narratives, these movies remain a cornerstone of American cinema, resonating with audiences worldwide.

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‘The Post’ (2017)
‘Argo’ (2012)
‘Zero Dark Thirty’ (2012)
‘Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy’ (2011)
‘The Contender’ (2000)
‘Bridge of Spies’ (2015)
‘V for Vendetta’ (2006)
‘The Constant Gardener’ (2005)
‘Miss Sloane’ (2016)
‘Page Eight’ (2011)

– Farheen Ali 

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