‘Toy Story 5’: Everything You Need to Know

Bob Iger, the CEO of Disney, has confirmed that ‘Toy Story 5’ is officially in the works, slated for release in 2026.

The ‘Toy Story’ franchise has become an absolute juggernaut in the world of animation, capturing the hearts of fans across the globe. From the big screen to spinoff projects, theme park attractions, video games and more, the love for these lovable characters knows no bounds.

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Toy Story 5
Image Courtesy: KinoCheck

Bob Iger, alongside the folks at PIXAR, made the big reveal during one of Disney’s quarterly earnings calls. It’s a joint effort between PIXAR and Disney, continuing their successful partnership and bringing more of that ‘Toy Story’ magic to audiences worldwide.

Why the fifth installment, you ask? It’s all part of Disney’s grand plan to keep their brand flying high. With the franchise already raking in a colossal $3.1 billion, it’s no surprise they’re keen to keep the momentum going.

Toy Story 5
Image Courtesy: The Direct

The Plot

As for the storyline, well, that’s still unknown. However, the rumour mill is churning with speculation. Could it involve Andy’s kids? Perhaps our beloved toys will embark on a whole new adventure? There’s even talk of linking ‘Toy Story 5’ with the recent hit movie Lightyear, adding an extra layer of intrigue to the mix.

Release Date

When can we expect to see ‘Toy Story 5’ grace the silver screen? While there’s no official release date just yet, word on the street is we’re looking at late 2026. This timing would coincide perfectly with the 30th anniversary of the original ‘Toy Story,’ making it a double celebration for fans everywhere.