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Tyga Becomes Creative Director at Monkey Tilt

Rapper Tyga is expanding his repertoire beyond music, venturing into the realm of online entertainment with a new role as Creative Director at Monkey Tilt. This recently launched, next-generation digital casino operates in 22 states across the US.

“I’m all about pushing boundaries and taking risks. Stepping into the role of creative director at Monkey Tilt, we’re committed to changing the game of online casinos through innovation,” he said in a statement. “Delivering a true player-first experience, where players should expect more and get more.”

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Image Courtesy: People

Tyga’s involvement with Monkey Tilt extends beyond a simple endorsement deal. According to a press release, he will be actively involved in shaping the company’s future. His contributions will encompass product development, client services, and the creation of exciting live experiences.

Furthermore, Tyga is slated to headline concerts at upcoming Monkey Tilt parties planned for later this year. This dual role allows him to leverage his musical talents and influence to engage with the platform’s audience.

Monkey Tilt CEO Sam Kiki expressed his enthusiasm about Tyga’s involvement, highlighting his potential to revolutionise the online casino landscape. Kiki stated that Tyga’s creative vision will be instrumental in transforming boring and lifeless online casinos into a more dynamic and engaging experience. He further emphasised Tyga’s role in redefining leadership within the online casino industry.

Image Courtesy: Instagram

This new venture marks another significant development in a busy year for Tyga. He celebrated his 34th birthday with a star-studded bash at a private residence in West Hollywood. The guest list boasted an impressive array of celebrities, including Odell Beckham Jr., Saweetie, and even Leonardo DiCaprio.

Last year, he collaborated with music icon Cher, lending his vocals to her Christmas album. Cher’s boyfriend, music executive Alexander ‘A.E.’ reportedly played a key role in facilitating this unexpected collaboration, with Tyga featuring on the festive track ‘Drop Top Sleigh Ride’.

-Sushmita Sarkar

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