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‘Under the Bridge’ Trailer: Watch Lily Gladstone And Riley Keough Team Up in True Crime Drama

Two acclaimed actresses, Lily Gladstone and Riley Keough, are uniting their talents in the upcoming true crime drama, ‘Under the Bridge.’ The latest trailer released by Hulu teases their captivating performances in what promises to be a gripping murder mystery, set to immerse audiences in an emotionally charged narrative.

The Plot of ‘Under the Bridge’

‘Under the Bridge’ dives into the chilling true story surrounding the 1997 murder of fourteen-year-old Reena Virk, based on the acclaimed book by Rebecca Godfrey. Gladstone stars as Cam Bentland, a determined local police officer, while Keough portrays Godfrey, a writer returning to her hometown to investigate the case for her book.

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The series unfolds through their perspectives, offering a nuanced exploration of Virk’s tragic disappearance and the subsequent investigation. The trailer sets a tense and atmospheric tone, introducing viewers to the central mystery of a missing girl and the unsettling truths awaiting discovery.

As Gladstone’s character delves deeper into the case, she confronts disturbing revelations that challenge her perception of the community she serves. Meanwhile, Keough’s character, haunted by her past connection to the town, embarks on her quest for answers, adding layers of intrigue to the unfolding narrative.

Image Courtesy: People

The Casting of Lily Gladstone and Riley Keough

Behind the scenes, writer/creator Quinn Shephard and showrunner Samir Mehta shed light on the casting choices and narrative direction of ‘Under the Bridge.’ The decision to cast Gladstone and Keough was influenced by a serendipitous combination of fate and artistic vision.

Mehta recalled a chance encounter with a neighbour that led to the suggestion of Keough for the role, while Gladstone’s suitability became apparent through her existing social media connection with Keough.

Image Courtesy: Vanity Fair

Shephard and Mehta expressed their desire to transcend the conventions of traditional crime dramas, aiming to offer audiences a fresh and immersive storytelling experience. Drawing inspiration from Godfrey’s original work, they sought to infuse the series with authenticity and depth.

A New Take on True Crime

‘Under the Bridge’ promises to be a compelling addition to the true crime genre, blending atmospheric storytelling, complex characters and powerful performances. The eight-episode season is set to premiere on Hulu on 17th April 2024.

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