Usher Reflects on ‘Curious Events’ at Sean Diddy Combs’ New York Mansion

Usher provides more details about his stay at Diddy’s house, which he covered in a 2016 interview that was conducted soon after his marriage. The singer recalled strange incidents from his brief stay at Diddy’s mansion in New York City when he was just 14 years old. In the previously unreleased interview with Howard Stern, Usher revealed that he lived at the mansion for a year and saw “very curious things.” 

Usher clarified that his experience was different from Stern’s assumption that there would be nonstop parties and orgies, expressing confusion at what he witnessed. He played up the untamed, confusing atmosphere, pulling away from a complete understanding of it.

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Usher Sean Diddy Combs
Image Courtesy: NPR

Looking back at Usher’s almost eight-year-old interview reveals the mystery surrounding the Diddy case. According to recent reports, Diddy’s properties in Miami and Los Angeles are being raided by federal agents on suspicion of being involved in a “s*x trafficking” scheme. 

These events come after Diddy was accused of assault and human trafficking in several lawsuits. A lawsuit has been filed by Rodney ‘Lil Rod’ Jones, a former employee, alleging that he was sexually assaulted while working with him on the 2023 album ‘The Love Album: Off the Grid.’ Diddy’s lawyer has fiercely refuted these allegations, calling Jones a “liar” who is suing for $30 million to get rich. 

Usher Sean Diddy Combs
Image Courtesy: People

A representative for the rapper has also rejected other lawsuits from women accusing Diddy of s*xual assault, calling them spurious attempts at extortion.

Even though Usher described Diddy as “like a brother” in a 2016 interview, the latest occurrences highlight the rapper’s growing scrutiny and legal difficulties.

– Farheen Ali