Usher Says He Nearly Quit Music to “Become an Actor”

Usher recently opened up about a pivotal moment in his career, admitting he once seriously considered leaving the music scene behind to pursue acting instead. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter ahead of his headline halftime show at the NFL Super Bowl, the singer confessed to pondering a switch to the silver screen.

Despite a string of acting credits in films like ‘The Faculty,’ ‘Scary Movie 5,’ ‘Hands Of Stone,’ ‘Hustlers’ and ‘Bad Hair,’ he found himself questioning his future path.

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Image Courtesy: Billboard

Reflecting on the period following his 2004 hit album ‘Confessions,’ Usher shared his doubts: “I hadn’t had a successful record as successful as ‘Confessions’, and there was this analysing [thought], like, ‘Man, should I continue to do this, or should I pivot and become an actor?’” However, a turning point came with his Las Vegas residency at the Park MGM Hotel in 2021, which reignited his passion for music.

Recalling his time in Vegas, he said, “I went to Las Vegas with no promise in a time when the world was not going anywhere because we were in a pandemic, and I had the hope that I could arouse people enough to come to Las Vegas and celebrate with me.” This gamble paid off, as the residency became not only a highlight in Vegas history but also a personal triumph for Usher.

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He emphasized the importance of self-belief in his recent achievements, stating, “I’m a 45-year-old artist who has found my way into an incredible moment as a result of belief in myself and the fact that I didn’t let anything deter it, no matter what it looked like, no matter what the comparison to previous albums was.”

His journey culminated in the pinnacle of American entertainment – performing at the Super Bowl halftime show. In Usher’s words, it’s a testament to his resilience and dedication: “The crescendo of that is the Super Bowl. Man, I’m so happy and blessed.”