‘Wake Up Dead Man’: New ‘Knives Out’ Movie Confirmed

Exciting developments are underway in the ‘Knives Out’ universe, but not of the murderous kind – at least, not yet. Writer and director Rian Johnson has taken to social media to confirm the title of the next Benoit Blanc movie, with Daniel Craig reprising his role as the sophisticated detective. 

Titled ‘Wake Up Dead Man: A Knives Out Mystery,’ Johnson’s announcement arrived in a teaser video featuring a voiceover by Craig as Blanc, recapping the events of the previous films and teasing the upcoming mystery. 

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New Knives Out Movie
Image Courtesy: Variety

The lack of a comma in the title leaves room for interpretation, sparking curiosity about its meaning. Is it a plea to the deceased or an instruction to someone else? Or perhaps a reference to the 1997 U2 song? The possibilities are open to speculation.

This instalment will mark the third in Johnson’s ‘Knives Out’ series, following the original film featuring Ana de Armas, Chris Evans, and Jamie Lee Curtis, and its sequel, ‘Glass Onion,’ which introduced Blanc to a new set of suspects. ‘Wake Up Dead Man’ is expected to continue the trend, transporting Blanc to a fresh location with new characters and a new mystery to unravel.

New Knives Out Movie
Image Courtesy: NME

While there’s no specific release date yet, the teaser confirms that ‘Wake Up Dead Man’ will hit theatres in 2025.

– Farheen Ali