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Wallows Drop New Single ‘Calling After Me’ and Tracklist For Album, ‘Model’

Wallows have dropped their latest single ‘Calling After Me’ and revealed the tracklist for their upcoming album ‘Model,’

The trio, consisting of Dylan Minnette, Braeden Lemasters and Cole Preston, recently announced their forthcoming album, scheduled for release on 24th May via Atlantic Records. Before this, they gave fans a taste of what’s to come with ‘Your Apartment’.

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Now, they’ve unleashed another sneak peek from ‘Model’ with ‘Calling After Me’. Describing the track, they commented: “We like that ‘Calling After Me’ is pretty fun and light on its feet for a Wallows song. We’re excited for people to hear it and play it live this summer.”

In a previous interview with NME as part of the ‘In Conversation’ series in 2022, Wallows hinted at how touring might influence their upcoming album: “From a creative standpoint, we are thinking about the next album. I feel like our fans will be excited about our ideas – but we might change our minds!” shared Minnette.

Image Courtesy: Variety

Here is the tracklist for ‘Model.’

1. ‘Your Apartment’
2. ‘Anytime, Always’
3. ‘Calling After Me’
4. ‘Bad Dream’
5. ‘A Warning’
6. ‘I Wouldn’t Mind’
7. ‘You (Show Me Where My Days Went)’
8. ‘Canada’
9. ‘Don’t You Think It’s Strange?’
10. ‘She’s an Actress’
11. ‘Going Under’
12. ‘Only Ecstasy’

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