We Know What Styles’s Fav Horan Song Is & We Will Tell You

Two heartthrobs — Harry Styles and Niall Horan got together in the studios of Capital FM, well virtually — from the confines of their homes. When asked about what he thought about his ex-bandmate’s new album ‘Heartbreak Weather’, he said, “I have listened to his album.” When asked about his favorite song from the album, he said, “It’s probably the piano – ‘Put A Little Love On Me’.”
And there you have it; Harry Styles’ favorite Niall Horan song is also our favorite Horan song! 

Talking about the virus and how it has impacted his world, he said, “In terms of work, it’s been very hard for me – I’ve just released an album in the worst timing possible, in the history of mankind.” 

He is happy with how his fans have responded to his new album ‘Fine Line’. He was pleased that people were still able to listen to his music, as they isolated themselves from home.