‘We Were the Lucky Ones’: Get The Inside Scoop on Joey King, Logan Lerman And The Full Cast

Joey King, originally from Los Angeles and Logan Lerman, known for their roles in the Netflix film, ‘We Were the Lucky Ones’, share a unique bond both on and off the screen. Despite playing siblings in the movie Bullet Train, they didn’t have many scenes together. King humorously mentions, “I got to spit in his face, and that was it.

“However, their collaboration in the film brought them closer, with King praising Lerman as a fantastic actor and a deeply wonderful person. This bond extended beyond their professional relationship, evolving into a genuine friendship.

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We Were the Lucky Ones
Image Courtesy: The Wrap

Their latest project together delves into a compelling narrative about a Jewish family’s quest for refuge during World War II. King describes their characters as “twin souls,” highlighting the strong connection that resonates throughout the story until they reunite. This on-screen chemistry mirrors their real-life friendship, which King describes as feeling like they’ve known each other for many lifetimes.

King and her husband, Steven Piet, share a close bond with Lerman and his fiancée, Ana Corrigan. This friendship is described as serendipitous, with King expressing gratitude for finding each other. 

Their camaraderie extended to the entire cast of ‘We Were the Lucky Ones,’ with Lerman emphasising their joyous experience working together and King recalling the support and care they provided each other during emotionally intense filming.

The heart of the story, inspired by Georgia Hunter’s novel about her own family’s survival during World War II, resonated deeply with the cast. King, who identifies as Jewish despite not being religious, found a personal connection to the material. 

-Sushmita Sarkar