When Emma Stone Was ‘Dragged’ Off Stage During Her Performance; Discover The Full Story

Emma Stone may be one of Hollywood’s greatest stars adorned by accolades, but even she isn’t immune to the occasional embarrassing moment. The two-time Oscar winner once revealed how she was dragged off stage following a hilarious mishap during her Broadway performance.

Despite marking it as her worst nightmare in multiple interviews, Stone detailed the incident during a fun session with her best friend, Jennifer Lawrence, as they laughed through the story. Stone, known for her eternally worried frown, had a good reason to use it while performing in Broadway’s ‘Cabaret.’ She described the mishap when both of her contact lenses popped out of her eyes, calling it the scariest moment of her life in an interview.

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Emma Stone Dragged Off Stage
Image Courtesy: Screen Rant

Though Stone initially responded with the insinuation that she is almost always scared, Lawrence reminded her of the Cabaret mishap. “Jen came to see Cabaret, and both of my contacts popped out of my eyes… they dragged me off the stage in the dark,” the Poor Things star said during a 2018 W Magazine interview.

Later, Stone created a scene when Lawrence came backstage to laud her performance, but she was too consumed by her slip-up, and both stars laughingly agreed. The Cruella actress gave an even more detailed description of her Cabaret dilemma during Variety’s Actors on Actors with Molly Shannon. 

Emma Stone Dragged Off Stage
Image Courtesy: Republic World

Stone recalled feeling overwhelmed while singing on stage, and a simple blink led to both contacts popping out simultaneously.

This was quite surprising for her, as she had only ever dealt with one lens coming out at a time. Stone, who recently starred in Kinds of Kindness, blamed her terrible eyesight, explaining she couldn’t see a thing after the lenses popped out and had to rely on her co-stars to escort her backstage. The experience left her both embarrassed and amused, a tale she and Lawrence still laugh about today.

-Sushmita Sarkar