Why ‘The Incredibles 3’ Needs a Green Light

Pixar’s superhero family, ‘The Incredibles,’ has captivated audiences with two thrilling instalments. These films have redefined the world of supers and the Parr family, highlighting the parents, Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl, as the lead heroes in each respective film. While the children have played smaller yet crucial roles, the dynamic of the family working together to overcome villains has been a central theme.

Back in the glory days of Mr. Incredible, supers were practically celebrities, constantly in the public eye with interviews and photo ops. However, when supers were outlawed, both heroes and villains had to retreat into hiding, attempting to lead normal lives.

‘Incredibles 2’ brought supers back into the spotlight in a more complex manner, with Helen Parr, aka Elastigirl, spearheading the effort to change public perception and make supers legal crime fighters once more. A third film could continue this journey, potentially shifting the focus to the younger Parrs. With supers back in the limelight, Pixar has a wealth of new storylines to explore.

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The Incredibles 3
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Why Pixar Should Make The Incredibles 3

There are two main reasons Pixar should consider a third instalment in The Incredibles series.

Expanding the Super Lore: By focusing on the Parr children, Pixar can delve into coming-of-age stories, exploring the pressures they face living in the shadows of their famous parents. This could lead to more engaging, personal narratives, where superfamilies and friends might find themselves at odds. Moreover, this could be Pixar’s chance to create a family-oriented superhero universe, akin to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Jack-Jack’s Potential: The youngest Parr, Jack-Jack, is a fascinating character with his multitude of powers. So far, he has shown impressive control over his abilities, even as a baby. However, exploring the potential drawbacks of having multiple powers, both physically and mentally, could add depth to his character. Jack-Jack might face bullying or loneliness due to his unique identity, and this could impact his path as a hero. If there are other polymorph supers like him, this could further enrich the super lore while giving Jack-Jack a mentor or friend.

The Incredibles 3
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Violet Parr Should Lead The Incredibles 3

Violet Parr, the eldest child, is the perfect candidate to lead the next film. She embodies the struggle of balancing a normal life with heroic duties. By the end of ‘Incredibles 2,’ Violet is already navigating the complexities of teenage life, including a budding relationship with Tony Rydinger, which she interrupted to fight crime. Violet is in her rebellious teen years, and her journey could bring the next battle of supers closer to home.

Her normal coming-of-age experiences could be portrayed in extraordinary ways. For instance, while most teens learn to drive, Violet could be mastering her powers of levitation and invisibility. Her desire to fight crime might wane as she yearns for love, independence, and a normal life. With supers back in the public eye, Violet would also have to deal with media attention and high school drama, adding layers of stress to her life.

The Incredibles 3
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Violet’s struggle with her superpower of invisibility could mirror the feelings of many teens who feel unseen or unheard. Her journey to feeling valued and validated by her family and friends is a relatable and poignant story. Violet has yet to choose her hero name and the implications of her identity in a world of supers are significant. Despite being different from her more extroverted family members, Violet’s unique qualities make her an incredible character.

If Pixar creates ‘Incredibles 3,’ Violet’s path, whether as a hero or in choosing a different life, will be compelling.