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‘You’ Season 5: Penn Badgley Returns as Joe Goldberg For Series’ Final Season

Penn Badgley has returned to the streets of New York City to film the fifth season of the hit thriller series ‘You,’ where he portrays the chilling serial killer character, Joe Goldberg.

In images obtained by PEOPLE, the 37-year-old actor was captured on set, fully embracing Joe’s persona. Clad in a black peacoat, maroon shirt and navy blue slacks, Badgley confidently strutted down the street, exuding the eerie charm that defines his character. Completing the look with matching shoes and a gold band on his finger, he embodied Joe’s calculated and enigmatic presence.

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Image Courtesy: People

In another shot, Badgley was seen sporting a bold red puffer jacket with khaki-coloured pants, adding to the intrigue surrounding Joe’s character. Netflix confirmed the commencement of production for the fifth season in a press release on Monday, promising viewers “more thrilling twists and turns” in the upcoming instalment.

The first official image from the new season depicts Joe strolling down the bustling streets of New York City, maintaining his trademark smirk as he crosses the road near the Bleecker St. subway station, hands casually tucked into his pockets.

Image Courtesy: People

Last March, Netflix announced the renewal of ‘You’ for its fifth and final season, hinting at a climactic resolution for Joe Goldberg’s story. Following the dramatic events of the fourth season, which saw Joe grappling with his dark impulses while navigating a new life abroad, fans eagerly anticipate the conclusion of his captivating saga.

Reflecting on the unexpected twists of the fourth season, Badgley explained to British GQ the complexities of Joe’s character arc, acknowledging the challenging balance between intrigue and responsibility in portraying a character with such dark tendencies.

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