Zayn Malik Gets Hurt Online

This is every artist’s nightmare! Zayn Malik’s unreleased song ‘Hurt’ has been leaked online and we bet it’s hurting him. This marks the singer’s third song that has been leaked, so we really just hope he gets a better team behind him to take care of this problem!

The song was written in 2017, and the lyrics are pointing towards Gigi Hadid and their on and off relationship. The track discusses  how people we love the most cause the most hurt. Which is quite painful to think about. Is love always accompanied by pain, that’s the question of the hour.

Here’s a peek at the heartbreaking lyrics that may or may not hold the answer:

“Every single thing you know about me is every single thing you use to only hurt./ I know I should let go now (but I know, but I know), no one else feels like home, yeah./ You know just what to say to make me stay, make me stay./ One more dose of the pain.”

We understand his sentiment, the ex one directioner who has not released any solo music for the last 2 years seems to confuse us about his relationship with Gigi, which started off in 2015, we really don’t know if they’re on or not!

Well, we hope he officially releases the track to let his fans know what the song truly means and if he’s planning for an album!