Zayn Malik Praises Daughter Khai’s Natural Singing Talent: ‘Remembers Every Lyric’

Zayn Malik, known for his hit song ‘What I Am’, recently opened up in an interview about his 3-year-old daughter, Khai. While the singer typically keeps his family life private, he shared rare insights into Khai’s growing awareness of his profession as a musician.

During the interview, Malik revealed that Khai is beginning to understand what her father does for a living. Although she’s not yet old enough to accompany him to the recording studio due to bedtime constraints, she has shown a keen interest in his music career. Malik mentioned that Khai often asks those around her if her “Baba” (a term of endearment for father) is the one singing whenever she hears a song on the radio.

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Despite her curiosity about his work, Khai tends to become shy when discussing it directly with Malik. However, the proud father shared that she has a remarkable musical aptitude for her age. Malik expressed his amazement at how Khai can recall chord progressions and perform runs with multiple notes, showcasing a natural talent for music even at her young age.

These comments from Malik offer a glimpse into his special bond with his daughter and the joy he finds in witnessing her musical abilities develop. Khai’s interest in her father’s music sparked early on, hinting at a potential future in the industry or, at the very least, a deep appreciation for the art form.

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“Khai has a lot of natural ability herself already. I know, it sounds ridiculous because she’s 3, but her retention of language, especially when it’s formatted in a musical sense to her, has been amazing. She’ll remember every song that she likes.”

-Sushmita Sarkar