Zayn Malik Reflects on One Direction Departure: “Wishes He’d Enjoyed The Band More”

During the promotion of his upcoming album, ‘Room Under the Stairs,’ Zain Malik reflected upon his departure from the boy band, One Direction. He expressed that in his teenage years, he never understood the importance of being happy. He admits that he used to think that “it’s cool to be really moody” 

“I feel like I just took things so seriously,’ Malik Stated.

He further expressed his regrets for not “enjoying” the band to the fullest before his departure. Not appreciating the band more at the time is the main thing that I always feel bad about when I look back over my life,” Malik explained.

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Zayn Malik One Direction
Image courtesy: NewYork Post

On host Zach’s question if there was anything he is grateful for today, Malik responded; “I’m grateful that I am now much happier. I can genuinely appreciate things and own my own perspectives. Similar to a half-full versus half-empty glass. That’s a decision I made.”

He pointed out his mistake of taking life too seriously when he should have tried to rather enjoy it more.

Since beginning his solo career in 2016, the former member of One Direction is yet to perform live. He cancelled his scheduled debut appearance for June of that year, stating that he was experiencing- “the worst anxiety of my career.”

Zayn Malik One Direction
Image courtesy: Tribune India

On 17th May, Zayn Malik is scheduled to make his onstage comeback at London’s O2 Shepherd’s Bush Empire in London. Marking his first live performance after he departed from One Direction in 2015.

Zayn recently disclosed that he has been listening to One Direction songs again and that he hopes to work with Miley Cyrus in the future. Reminiscent of his days spent with his former group, Malik said, “I’ve been listening to a little of One Direction music recently. “As a band, we made some good music,” he stated.

–Gayathri J