Zayn Malik Reveals Story Behind Signed ‘Iron Man’ Comic

Zayn Malik revealed a unique treasure from his past on the recent ‘Hot Ones’ show, singer – a rare, signed Iron Man comic book gifted by Stan Lee. The artist discussed how documentarian Morgan Spurlock, who directed the film ‘One Direction: This Is Us’ featuring Malik’s former band, presented him with this special gift.

Spurlock, known for his work on films like ‘Super Size Me’ and ‘Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan’s Hope’ (which featured Stan Lee), had a personal connection with the band members. Recognizing Malik’s passion for comic books, Spurlock surprised him with the signed ‘Iron Man’ comic at the end of production.

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Malik described the gift as amazing and a prized possession. He proudly displays it in his house, delighting in showing it off to his “geeky, nerdy friends who love comic books.” He jokingly added, “They definitely want that comic book from me. None of them will have it at any point while I’m alive so they’ll have to wait awhile.”

Apparently, the special gift wasn’t lost on Malik’s former bandmates. He revealed with amusement that they too felt a pang of “jealousy” as Spurlock hadn’t presented them with something quite as unique. Malik recalled his reaction at the time, simply stating, “this is f—ing sick.”

Zayn Malik
Image Courtesy: People

This revelation from Malik came amidst the announcement of his upcoming fourth solo album, ‘Room Under the Stairs’, scheduled for release in May. The lead single, ‘What I Am’, will be available for streaming this week.

In a previous teaser for the album, Malik expressed his desire for fans to gain a deeper understanding of him as a person through his music. He wants them to connect with his “ambitions, fears…” by presenting the music in its raw form. “There’s just me writing this,” he emphasised.

-Sushmita Sarkar