What’s Your 2020 Playlist Like

There is new music out every day and we never seem to miss out on anything at all (sorry, not sorry). But there are a few songs that earn a place on our playlists here at IndigoMusic.com! Here’s a list of 5 New Releases you do not want to miss.

1. After Hours –The Weekend

The Canadian singer released his first promotional single ‘After Hours’ from the fourth studio album with the same title on 19th of February. The song followed his singles ‘Heartless’ and ‘Blinding Lights’ from the same album. The ‘After Hours’ release also lets fans see the cover art of the album. The song has a deep meaning to it as The Weekend explains his wish to get back to his ex girlfriend as well as his wish to have children with few references about his on and off relationship with Bella Hadid. We also find out how it’s the singer’s fault which caused the break up. We are totally feeling sad for him because he thinks he will disappoint anyone who becomes his lover. Ah, Weekend, we feel you dude.

2. You Can’t Hold My Heart – Monsta X

The song is a must listen from Monsta X’s first english debut album –‘All About Luv’. The band shocked their fans by performing the song for the first time on ‘Today with Hoda & Jenna’ and we were in awe. The song is about how sometimes we can’t hold on to someone even when it was something we always wanted because the fire has just died down. We can relate to the boys’ who have their own singing pieces in the song.

3. Roxanne – Arizona Zerves and Swae Lee

After teasing us with the video clip of Zerves dancing on the song, it was released by the American singer-rapper on October 2019 but it still is the week’s hit. The song has been on number 4 on Billboard’s Hot 100. The music video was out on February 14th, Valentine ’s Day, the song is about a girl who the singer wanted but does not need in his life. After chasing Roxanne all over Las Vegas and Malibu, singer is tired of keeping up with her partying lifestyle and we get that. The music is so catchy that we can’t help but go ROXANNE ROXANNE!!

4. Life Is Good (Remix) Drake, Lil Baby, Future and DaBaby

Can a track get any more cooler with such artists? The song ‘Life Is Good’ which was released by Future and Drake was already fans favorite. But, it just got so much better. There is defiantely some amazing wordplay and rhymes by the rappers. The song replaces a lot of Drake’s lines but we are down to it because it is awesome.

5. Bad Decisions – The Strokes

The catchiest song of the week for us is by The Strokes and they are killing it. The song is so simple but complicated at the same time. The song talks about the inability to leave a toxic partner and that is relatable to all of us. The song is the second release from the band’s sixth studio album – ‘The New Abnormal ‘.