When Katy and RJ Melbin Met – The Exclusive Interview with Katy Perry!

The lioness of pop – Katy Perry has made her way to India and Indigo 91.9 was lucky enough to get the inside scoop!

Katy Perry and Dua Lipa, two of pop’s biggest names right now, are all set to bring the fire to the stage on the 16th of November, at D.Y Patil Stadium, Mumbai, as they headline the OnePlus Music Festival.

Though it’s Perry’s second time performing in India, it’s her first large-scale stadium show. The singer is known for her theatrical, high-production performances, and her Indian Katy Cats are more than just excited to witness what is undoubtedly going to be a pop music fiesta like no other.

During her time in Mumbai, Indigo 91.9 scored an exclusive interview with the mega star. RJ Melbin – host of the Morning Show on Indigo 91.9 sat down with Perry for a one on one that covered everything from music to food to Orlando Bloom’s… ear! Watch the exclusive only on the Indigo Music page, and don’t forget to stay caught up with us because there’s more to come.