Where Has Kanye West Been?

kanye west

Fans were wondering where Kanye West was for 8 weeks when the whole world was vocal about the police brutality. But seems like, he was doing things with utter silence.

Kanye West has been the kind of personality who’s always voiced his opinions but he was not in the spotlight for the Black Lives Matter Movement.

However, turns out the “Famous” singer made a $2 million donation to support the family members of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery and Breonna Taylor. The funding includes legal fees for them as well other black businesses in crisis.


This is not the highlight of his part against the deaths of George, Arbery and Taylor, he has also set up a 529 education plan for Gianna, Floyd’s daughter. This plan will cover all the expenses when the 6 year old starts to go to college.

Kanye West has surprised many others by being silent about another topic. While all other celebrities are asking their fans to vote during the elections, the singer has been the loudest in absence and it’s not going unnoticed.

By : Aatira Kakroo