Who is the Real Godwoman ?

“God is a woman” is the iconic hit single from Ariana’s 2018 album “Sweetner”. It made the world rethink our idea of attaching a male pronoun to the supreme power. Oh and on the list of surprises, you may not have known that this song was actually supposed to be sung by another artist. Can you imagine anyone else singing it other than Grande? It turns out that the song was originally offered to Camila Cabello!

She tweaked a few lines and added some of her own into the chorus but she wasn’t feeling it.“I think they had a chorus for the song and then I wrote verses to it. It didn’t end up sounding right for me,” Camila explained.

She explained in an interview that only a part of the song ,the chorus was written when it came her way, but the song didn’t quite fit her vibe

It was passed on because of Cabellos indifference to it and that’s how it got to Ariana Grande.

She continued, “So then Ariana and everybody wrote to her version and it sounded amazing!” We all know how that ended with Ariana swimming in a pool of pastel watercolor paint in the music video, an epic performance at the VMAs, and a Grammy nomination for best pop solo performance!

Camila and Ari have talked about their friendship in quite a few instances. Camila once said “I love her. She’s my friend,” and that she’d love to collaborate with her one day. We’re waiting for that one day ! Until then, we’re just hoping we get to witness a recorded duet version of “God is a woman”