Why One Direction’s ‘MITAM’ is Their Best Work

One Direction’s ‘Made in the A.M.’ (MITAM) is reminiscent of a ‘farewell and thank you’ record, much like The Beatles’ ‘Let It Be.’ The album cover, with its coded body language, hints at the band’s appreciation for their journey. The songs explore sensitive themes, including breakups and nostalgia for the good times. Musically, it doesn’t sound like a band that’s ready to call it quits, as all four members display a musical maturity, exploring rock and Brit-pop influences in tracks like ‘Hey Angel’ and ‘What a Feeling.’ They even channel Fleetwood Mac in ‘What a Feeling,’ ‘Temporary Fix’ and ‘Love You, Goodbye,’ maintaining the energetic guitar-driven style.

‘Made in the A.M.’ marked a significant departure from their earlier, more pop-oriented albums. The album showed their artistic growth and maturity. Songs like ‘If I Could Fly’ and ‘Olivia’ displayed their willingness to experiment with folk and rock elements, offering a more diverse sound palette.

Image Courtesy: Rolling Stone

The album’s lyrics delved into more profound and personal themes. Tracks like ‘History’ and ‘Never Enough’ touched on love, nostalgia and the bittersweet aspect of growing up. This departure from the stereotypical boy-band themes gave their music authenticity, earning them a more mature audience. 

The band’s fifth and last studio album allowed each member of One Direction to shine individually. Songs like ‘Walking in the Wind’ and ‘A.M.’ highlighted their unique voices and styles, reminding us that they were not just a group but also individual artists.

The album’s production quality was exceptional. It was evident that the group and their producers invested substantial time and effort in creating a polished and coherent sound for their “temporary” goodbye.

Image Courtesy: Billboard 

‘Made in the A.M.’ carries the weight of being One Direction’s last studio album before their hiatus. This fact infused every track with a sense of nostalgia and finality, making it even more heartbreaking and bittersweet for both the band and their fans. The album played a crucial role in transitioning their fan base from predominantly young girls to a more diverse audience.

The album’s chart performance was exceptional, with a number-one debut in several countries. It further cemented their status as one of the most successful boy bands in history.

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‘Made in the A.M.’ received critical acclaim from music experts and critics. It was celebrated for its songwriting, production, and the group’s vocal performances. This acknowledgement from the music industry solidified its place as one of One Direction’s best works.

It was polar opposites from the BRIT award-winners’ earlier works, representing their maturity as artists. With emotionally resonant lyrics, high production quality, and the evolution of their fan base, this album proves why they are still listened to today. It’s an album most cherished by Directioners. 

-Britney Jones