Weird Cakes to Try This Festive Season

Christmas season has descended upon us and its the time for rum cakes and other desserts .. or so we thought. Turns out that people around the world have unusual variations of the Christmas staple, the cake!

Here are 5 of the oddest cakes we came across

Tomato soup cake

Yes it exists! This cakes primary ingredient is , you guessed it Tomato soup! It combines all the regular cake ingredients like eggs , flour , salt , sugar and spices! Lot of spices! The recipe actually originated during the Great Depression when people got creative with the extensive rationing that was happening.

Tomato cake can also be frosted with cheesecake to give it that extra oomph!

2)Parsley cake

The parsley herb isn’t just used in seasoning meat and other delicacies, it’s got a whole dessert line! Parsley gets its name from the Greek word Petroselinon meaning rock celery because it thrives on rocks and walls!
Parsley cake combines mint and parsley to bring out a rich green colour.

What a way to get the kiddies to eat their greens .

3)Potato chocolate cake

Potatoes add structure and moisture and this cake uses chocolate too! This cake is potatoes in its most chocolate and sultry form. This seems to be nice.. Until we found out that frosting is , made with ginger infused potato mash and cream cheese.


If you haven’t heard of the water cake, where the heavens have you been? How the water cake is put together is actually a closely guarded secret, but we do know it’s served with a heavily roasted soybean powder and brown sugar syrup. And the magic part? If you don’t gobble it down in 30 minutes, the cake simply… disappears

The raindrop cake originates in Japan where it is called mizu shingen mochi. The gelatin-like cake is made using agar, a clear, animal product-free version of gelatin.

5) Chicken and Waffle Cupcake

This delicious savoury dessert? Is for all you folks who detest the sweetness and happiness found in regular cake. 10/10 recommend this buttermilk waffles, maple syrup and pan-fried chicken combo for dinner!This chickeny dish was found in the streets of New york!Christmas is going to get extra meaty this year !