Will We Ever Get ‘Grand Theft Auto’ 6?

For over a decade, fans of the ‘Grand Theft Auto’ franchise have been in a state of restless anticipation, eagerly awaiting the release of ‘Grand Theft Auto’ 6 (GTA 6). In the absence of official updates from Rockstar, the community’s excitement has predictably given rise to a plethora of leaks and rumours surrounding the game.

Rockstar’s announcement of GTA 6 in February 2022 may have been a quiet one, but it had a thunderous impact on the gaming world. Despite revealing very little about the project, this announcement catalyzed a surge in rumours and discussions that have continued unabated. One of the most recent controversies was sparked by a rumoured $150 price tag for the game.

Image Courtesy: Ubisoft

Fans have been clamouring for any information that could shed light on when they might finally get their hands on GTA 6. However, the confusion surrounding the game’s release date deepened in September 2022 when hackers unleashed a deluge of early test footage and key information into the public domain. This left many with questions about the state of GTA 6’s development, but a recent rumour seems to aim at clearing the air.

The most prominent rumour regarding GTA 6’s release window points to a launch sometime in 2025. What sets this rumour apart from the myriad of others is its source: it doesn’t come from a shadowy, anonymous leaker but from Take-Two Interactive, Rockstar’s parent company.

Image Courtesy: Forbes

Take-Two’s comprehensive earnings report, published recently, paints a rosy picture of the company’s continued success. It also provides forecasts for the company’s expected revenue in the coming years. For the fiscal year 2025, spanning from April 2024 to March 2025, Take-Two is anticipating bookings of over $8 billion, which would set a new record for the company.

Such a significant increase in earnings can likely be attributed to a massive release, and ‘Grand Theft Auto’ 6, with the colossal success of its predecessor, is a prime candidate. It’s worth noting that GTA 5 is one of the most successful games of all time, with nearly 200 million copies sold. The GTA franchise’s popularity has only continued to soar since the release of GTA 5 in 2013.

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Many fans share the belief that 2025 is the most likely release window for the long-awaited title. While it’s essential to remember that these rumours are, at this stage, nothing more than conjecture, it’s easy to understand why fans have latched onto the idea that 2025 could be the year when ‘Grand Theft Auto’ 6 finally makes its grand entrance.

-Britney Jones