Willow and Yungblud Tease their Collaboration in a Short Instagram Clip

It’s due for release on 6th May

Both Yungblud and Willow have uploaded Instagram posts teasing the release of a forthcoming collaboration. Yungblud (real name Dominic Harrison) captioned a video of Willow lighting his cigarette on Instagram that mentions the release date as 6th May. Willow, meanwhile, shared a blue-and-yellow-coloured photo of the two.

Image Courtesy: NME

Yungblud was photographed in the studio with Willow, towards the end of last year, teasing a possible collaboration. Willow shared a photo of herself and Harrison standing in the studio. Harrison responded with a similar image on his Instagram Stories.

The Doncaster musician was also photographed holding a red electric guitar while seated near a mixing desk. Another photo shows him standing behind a microphone. The latest Instagram images appear to be a response to the early photos, but no more details have been released beyond the 6th May date.


Willow appeared on The YUNGBLUD Podcast in July 2021, when the two discussed rock’s evolution, the impact of the music industry on their mental health and how they’re recovering their voices.

During the conversation with Harrison, Willow added that for a long time, she was in fear.  In the past, she felt really unsafe in her music career, and that feeling of insecurity or unsafety, like she wasn’t protected, went very deep.

PinkPantheress released ‘Where You Are’ last week, a hazy, retro-tinged pop song, starring Willow that samples Paramore’s ‘Never Let This Go’ from 2005.

Image Courtesy: Complex

Mick Jagger, lauded Yungblud and Machine Gun Kelly, adding that the two performers breathe life into a new generation of rock music.

The Rolling Stones frontman told Swedish radio station P4 (via The Independent) that in rock music, one needs vitality, and there haven’t been a lot of new rock singers around. There are just a few now. Yungblud and Machine Gun Kelly‚Äôs post-punk vibe makes him believe that rock & roll has some life left in it.