Woah! Charli XCX helped write Senorita!

In a recent appearance to promote her album ‘Charli’, Charli XCX talked about her inspirations for the tunes on her latest release. She revealed that the tune for the chart-topping hit “Señorita” started out as a concept for her own album. Charli believed that the Latin-pop track wouldn’t fit her theme and immediately thought of the rightful owner of the track to be Camila Cabello.

“I knew immediately the song wasn’t for me, but that it was good,” Charli explained. “This Latin Pop flare just wasn’t right for who I am because I am not a part of that culture, I’m not from there,” she continued. “Whereas Camilla has that in her blood, so when we wrote the song, we thought about her and sent it to her.”

After a discussion with Camila, Camila decided to complete the song with her now-beau Shawn Mendes. “She wanted to do it with Shawn and they were talking about it, like it was just everyone having a long conversation about it. Obviously, both of them write as well so they kind of wanted to write on the song and make it more their own.”

Señorita went on to debut at No. 2 on the Billboard Hot 100, before climbing onto the top spot.