Wonho Announces His Departure from MONSTA X

Famous K-pop boy group, MONSTA X’s Wonho announced his departure from the group just yesterday.

Starship Entertainment delivered an official statement regarding Wonho’s permanent departure from MONSTA X and that the group will be promoting as six members from now onwards. The decision was based on Wonho’s wishes to avoid causing trouble to MONSTA X, and Starship Entertainment will continue to take legal action against malicious rumors. This statement was followed by a handwritten letter by Wonho himself which was posted on MONSTA X’s official FanCafe.

The sudden decision has shocked the group’s fans across the globe as the news came just two days after the group’s successful comeback with their new EP “Follow: Find You”. Over the past few days, the singer was caught in malicious rumors alleging that he had borrowed money from a co-star and hadn’t paid back the amount and also about his negative past with the law. This garnered numerous online comments and criticism aimed at Wonho. In his letter, the singer apologized to his fans and stated that he made the decision to leave, in order to protect Monsta X from further scrutiny, “I am announcing that I am leaving MONSTA X today. I am apologetic for causing harm to the members due to the unfortunate issues related to me. More than anything, I am sorry for disappointing my fans, who believed in me.”

Over 200,000 fans have signed an official petition for to keep Wonho as a member of MONSTA X and fans have gathered to leave messages and show love and support towards the artist at the Starship Entertainment agency building.