Wonho Finally Settles on A New Fandom Name

With every K-Pop group and solo artist, picking a name for their fandom is quite high on the list of priorities. As you might’ve often heard, names hold a lot of power. BTS have their very own fans, ARMY. BLACKPINK has their Blinks. SHINee has their Shawols. You get the point. Now, when Wonho was still a part of Monsta X, all the boys would refer to their fans with the name, ‘Monbebes’. But with Wonho’s departure from the band and with the launch of his solo career, he was once again weighed down by the pressures of choosing a brand new name.

After months of weighing his options, Wonho made the big reveal during a VLIVE broadcast. Back in early May, Wonho sought help from his fans, by asking them to choose a name in order to make his solo career official. “Recruitment for the official fandom name is now open and I hope that a lot of you will join. You know that I’m going to personally pick the name, right?” he said.


A number of lovely suggestions came pouring in and Wonho finally picked a rather sweet-sounding name – Wenee! It means “We are a new ending,” or “We need.” The name represents the special bond between the young star and his fans, who have been there to support him, every step of the way.

Wonho Takes the Celebrations to A Whole New Level

During his broadcast, Wonho even went the extra mile and brought out a cake. And yup, you guessed it, he sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to mark the occasion. In fact, the star even took to Instagram, to write “I love you” in a number of different languages to let his fans know how much they mean to him.

Back in April, Wonho signed a contract with Highline Entertainment, a subsidiary of Starship Entertainment (Monsta X’s agency), to launch his career as a solo artist. He is also signed to a U.S. label, Maverick Management. While these are simply the building blocks of his solo career, fans are giving him the time he needs to enter the music scene once more.

For now, both parties are simply delighted with the new fandom name. Wonho even ended up pouring his heart out on Twitter with a message that read, “Let’s walk only the paths of happiness together. WENEE, I love you.”


By: Nina Karun