XPerience Sessions: In Conversation with Martin Dubois

Martin Dubois

Another week of XPerience Sessions arrives, and this one sees RJ Neerja in conversation with talented multi-instrumentalist, Martin Dubois. The French star sits down with RJ Neerja to talk about life and music during the global pandemic, nature and everything in between.

Martin Dubois, a skilled multi instrumentalist from France, has been a figure in music for more than 2 decades, now. He began his journey with music at the tender age of 9, and hasn’t looked back since. The conventional has never been for him, though. Taking his love for music and turning it into something different, entirely, his journey has been impressive to watch.


Being deeply impacted by music’s ability to invoke emotion, Dubois uses his skillful instrumentation to further that phenomenon. Mastering a range of instruments – from the ‘Kora’, to the ‘HandPan’, and even the art of ‘throat singing’, his skills are varied.

For someone so in tune with the world around him, the global pandemic is sure to be taxing. Speaking of the early days in lockdown, Dubois says: “I cried a lot. I lost my structure, all my gigs, all my future was gone.” Interestingly, he goes on to say, “You know at first, you always cry for yourself. But, then I cried thinking of the world, too.” Take a look:

Moving on to talk about all things music, love and nature, this conversation gives you an insider’s look. So, dive right in.