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You Can Be Britney Spears Too

Live your pop star fantasies the Britney Spears way!!!

This iconic day has finally arrived, guys. The new Britney Spears-themed interactive Pop-Up experience has arrived in L.A, to help fans step into her most celebrated videos. Now isn’t that just mind boggling?

The Zone pop-up experience will take you on a trip down memory lane into the Britney era.

The zone is located on the corner of Fairfax and West Third Street in Los Angeles . The main door opens into a giant retail shop selling some pretty cool merchandise. From old tour treats like, “work bitch’hats , “pastel pink basketballs “, to ” Britney Funko dolls, they are selling everything Britney. There are also a number of tall display cases showcasing her iconic costumes.

Each of these rooms arrive as a blast from the past and is based on her super hit music videos. However, what recently caught everyone’s attention is how Spears’s former choreographers danced their hearts out to one of Britney’s famous tracks, “Slave 4 U” and recreated the her magic.

And guess what? It’s Britney Spears who donated all her costumes for her fans to have a wholesome experience. And what else? She might soon visit “The Zone” and relive her golden days!

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