YUNGBLUD Finds Liberation in ‘Cotton Candy’

Punk rocker YUNGBLUD just arrived with another offering from his upcoming album, “Weird!”. This time around, he brought the music video for his track, ‘Cotton Candy’ to front stage. And boy, did he give us a show like no other. 

For starters, the song opens with a mellow electric guitar riff that carries through the whole track. Interestingly, with ‘Cotton Candy’ we see YUNGBLUD take a firm step away from his previous fast-paced, instrument-heavy pieces. Instead, this pop-rock tune takes things down a notch, seeing the star dabble with dreamy falsettos and catchy hooks.

Much like his previous work, the songwriting on ‘Cotton Candy’ shines through. Featuring charming, cheeky lyrics, we see YUNGBLUD welcome sexual freedom, content with his tastes. Take a look:

I figured out that the modern world is turning the wrong way ’round
There’s something about the way our bedsheets turn religion upside down
So we just have sex, to solve all our problems, let’s do it again
And I wanna get stuck between your teeth like cotton candy
So you remember me darling

YUNGBLUD Discusses Sexual Liberation in ‘Cotton Candy’

Now, coming to the music video for the track. We see YUNGBLUD doing what he always does: breaking gender norms by slipping into eye-catchy outfits. Between rolling around in bed with a number of men and women to grooving with his band in a blue-tiled bathroom – this feel-good video arrives with just one purpose: urging people to let go and have fun. 

Speaking of the theme running through is song, YUNGBLUD explained, “‘Cotton Candy’ is about sexual liberation. To me sex and sexuality is about freedom and the idea that you can lose yourself in other people of all genders, of all shapes and sizes to find yourself and figure out who you truly are. Sexual interaction should not be shamed, it should be celebrated because to have safe sex is to spread love and the world needs love more than ever right now.”

By: Nina Karun