Yungblud, ‘Weird!’ & The Search For Solace

The starry rocker, Yungblud, just dished out a whole load of details on his upcoming album, “Weird!”. The young rocker recently offered up the tracklist, cover art and a brand new tune from his forthcoming record. And in a recent interview, he took a deep dive into the concepts and themes binding this sophomore album together. 

For starters, Yungblud shed some light on the ideas that constructed his latest single, ‘God Save Me But Don’t Drown Me Out‘. “This song is for anybody lying in their bedroom at 4 a.m. wondering why the f**k they’re not good enough,” the British star shared,  “You are good enough in every shape, in every color, in every sexuality, in every single walk of life. Every single person on this planet deserves to be loved, and love in return. That is it. I think if you love as many people as you can and tell the truth, that’s what it means to be free.” 

Yungblud explained that this tune was like the “safety pin” holding the entire record together and that’s why he chose to release it along with the album announcement. With a lot of his music, Yungblud has proven to be a voice for the youth. In his tracks, he often discusses the anxieties that come with youth, identity issues and the capitalist world we’re all bound to. His politics are often bared right in the open, for the world to see. His only hope is that people can resonate with his ideas and find a sense of solace in them. 

Yungblud & ‘Weird!’: A Voice For The Youth

As he articulated,  “[The shows] are not me going, ‘Here’s a banger, now I’m going to go get in my Mercedes car and get a glass of champagne.’ I don’t give a f**k about that. What I care about is 2000 kids in the street screaming their lungs out because they believe in something that invigorates them and brings them all together.”

Considering that the world as a collective is going through a rough patch right now. Yungblud’s given a lot of thought to his album’s timely release. “It’s OK to change your mind. It’s OK to seem naive, because if people say they’re not any of those things, then they’re bulls–tting you. Just let it down and be who you are because there’s nothing cooler than that,” he explained. 

And finally, the rocker discussed what “Weird!” meant to him. Creating this project has proven to be a cathartic process for the star, an outlet for the troubles plaguing him. As Yungblud summed up, “This album has helped me so much. I was in a dark place, and I hope that you find peace in it. I hope that you find energy in it, and I hope that you find more of a reason to be yourself in it.” 

By: Nina Karun