Yup, Halsey’s Just Become A Hero!

Halsey’s done it again! After the four-day Falls Festival in Lorne, Victoria, was cancelled due to severe weather conditions and bush fires, Halsey stepped up when no one else did.

The American singer-songwriter, who was due to take the stage on Sunday night, quickly organized a stand-in concert for devastated fans. In addition, she has vowed to donate the show’s profits to fire relief efforts via Country Fire Services.
When the news broke of the last-minute cancellation, Halsey appeared just as heartbroken as her fans.

She took to her Instagram to voice her concerns, ‘I know how disappointed you guys are, so I will do everything in my power to make it up to you…. Sit tight.’

The dry and heavily wooded area, classified as a high risk for falling trees and bushfires, already had 9,000 attendees onsite and was expecting even more. The festival was prepared to see headlining acts from the likes of Halsey, Vampire Weekend, Playboi Carti, and Lewis Capaldi.

And that’s why, it was a treat to see Halsey organize yet another concert at Melbourne’s 2,000-capacity Forum Theatre, and British punk-pop singer Yungblud, who nearly overran Melbourne’s Tote Hotel with teens upon announcement of his under-18s replacement show. It was truly inspiring to see both stars respond this fast!

While the singer clarified that fans who had Lorne Falls Festival tickets would get priority, she also said that the festival would be open to anyone who’d like to attend.

Well, not bad, Halsey. Not bad at all!