Zara Larsson Features Young Thug On A New Single About Love

Young Thug and Zara Larsson seem to be talking about “love”. Hey, no, they’re not turning into a couple. However, the two singers have joined hands on a new collaboration, ‘Talk About Love’.

Zara Larsson has gotten Young Thug to work on this track which will be part of “Poster Girl” album due to come out on March 5, 2021. The album will release via Black Butter.

Young Thug Gets Zara Larrson Not Talk About Love!

The new song by Thug and Zara is about being in the moment, making dreams of the night come true, however, with no mention of the ‘L’ word. So, love is out of the window however the song is surely something one can grow to love.

Zara Larrson recently spoke about ‘Talk About Love’ and explained the songs true meaning. The singer said, ” ‘Talk About Love’ is about that phase before two people work out what they are to one another,” Larsson explains of the new track.

Zara continued, “That specific window is so beautiful and fragile, as soon as you start asking ‘are we doing this?’ or ‘how do *you* feel?’, for some people that ruins the magic. ‘Talk About Love’ is savouring that moment before you have to decide.”

Young Thug Has Moved Past Jay-Z?

Looks like Young Thug has gotten another song to sing in the stadium. Recently, Young Thug put Jay-Z down by claiming that he hardly has songs that are hit, this surely blew up.

During Gillie Da Kid’s Million Dollaz Worth Of Game podcast, Young Thug spoke about him performing “30 or 40 songs that the whole stadium is gonna know, however, he added, “Jay-Z hasn’t got 30 songs like that.”

Young Thug quickly tried to cover the mess he made, “I’m just saying like, I know he do, he probably got 50 of them bitches, I’m not literally saying him. I’m saying n***** who you thinking… I seen n***** like, ‘Damn, they don’t know this song?’ I’m so scared to get boo’ed, I don’t even perform songs they won’t know.”

Well, at least Young Thug can be happy about the fact that ‘Talk About Love’ is something the audience is surely going to know. Thanks to Zara Larrson!

By: Aatira Kakroo