Zara Larsson Has Released The Music Video For Her New Track ‘Can’t Tame Her’

Here’s good news for all Zara Larsson fans! Her track ‘Can’t Tame Her’ has an official music video now! The video has dance-heavy visuals with upbeat music. 

Larrson spoke about the concept of the video and stated, “The challenge in this is basically to do the choreo with myself and we’ve used this beautiful girl Barbara as the double, and then we are 3D modeling, CGI-ing my face on Barbara.”

Image Courtesy: Pm Studio World Wide News

Many people contributed to the compilation of this musical video behind the scenes. Rudy Grazziani, who is Larsson’s creative director said, “For this project we have honestly such an all-star roster of creative involved. We have Global, Parisian directorial duo, we have Lisa Jarvis on wardrobe. Amazing, big fan of all these people. We have Sophia for makeup, then we have Ali for hair.”

In a behind the scenes video, it can be seen that the scene with the silver elevator was created with colour changing strip LED lights, faux plants and vines. Larsson danced with the models in the background while the chrome hallways turned red for the group dance scene. After the shooting, they all shared a group hug and clicked a few pictures before wrapping up for the evening.

“It was so fun to shoot,” Larsson said about the video. She added, “Hope you enjoy it!”

– Riya Sohini