Zayn Malik Announces New Single ‘Love Like This’

It’s a joyful time for all the Zayn-iacs around the world because Zayn Malik has finally announced the title and release date for his most anticipated song, ‘Love Like This’. This would be his first release after signing with Mercury Records last month.

The 30-year old pop star was teasing the comeback track for nearly a week over social media. He finally revealed that his new era begins later this month. The news came in the form of a teaser posted on the artist’s Instagram, where a shirtless Malik was seen spray-painting the title of his song along with the date,’7.21’.

Image Courtesy: iHeart

‘Love Like This’ plays in the background throughout the clip, revealing the beautiful lyrics of the song.

“I guess there’s love like this/ Usually I never wanna jump like this,”. Malik sings on an uptempo beat. “I guess there’s faith like this/ Give you everything and you can skate like this/ But I think I gotta take that risk ’cause I can not go back/ And I’m loving what you say, what you say, what you say when you’re on my line.”

The new single will mark the former One Direction star’s solo release since his 2021 album, ’Nobody Is Listening’.

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It will also be his first release after departing from RCA Records. He signed with Mercury, back in June. In the future, Malik’s music will be different from his evergreen hits like, ‘Pillowtalk’ or the Taylor Swift collaboration ‘I Don’t Wanna Live Forever’.

Leading up to the ‘Love Like This’ announcement, the musician was steadily releasing teaser videos and revealing snippets of the track including lyrics like, ’Your direction is on my mind’.

On one of the song videos, Zayn’s former bandmate Liam Payne commented: “this sounds big already.”

-Kaushiki Sarcar