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Zayn Malik Drops In Flames

All the former One Direction boys have been releasing a string of singles and albums and we couldn’t be prouder! Following up to Louis Tomlinson’s ‘Walls’, Zayn Malik just dropped the music video for his single titled, ‘Flames’.

While Zayn released the audio for this track a while back, the singer hasn’t been too active in the music scene. His biggest project so far has been the remix of the heartbreaking track, ‘Trampoline’ by SHAED. Unlike the original song, the remix managed to dominate charts across the world. ‘Flames’ was also the product of another collaboration with R3HAB with Jungleboi.

Despite the fact that the song doesn’t bring anything new to the table, as it’s quite reminiscent of a lot of tracks by the band, Imagine Dragons and even Rag n Bone Man’s ‘Only Human’, the music video is still quite intriguing.

In the video, we see a sea of people in white uniforms, performing the same monotonous routine, countless times. Though we don’t see Zayn even once through the video, we have to assume that the man in the black hoodie is him, standing out against the harsh white room. Sometimes, it takes just one person to start a rebellion and Zayn proves just that. Alright, that’s enough spoilers for now, you’ll have to watch the video to see what happens next!

We really hope that Zayn makes his return to the music scene in a big way, is an album announcement too much to hope for? Maybe. Or…maybe not.

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