Zayn Malik Drops Steamy ‘Vibez’ From Upcoming Album

Zayn Malik has taken to his social media to announce a new single, ‘Vibez’ which is finally out. The singer has blessed our 2021 already, hasn’t he?

The ‘Better’ singer has been teasing us with snippets of him working on new music. Lately, his Instagram stories were of studio sessions which made it clear to the fans that Zayn was up to something.

Zayn Malik Is Vibing With You!

Zayn Malik comes like the storm, unexpectedly! ‘Vibez’ is part of his new album, “Nobody Is Listening” which is going to be here sooner than we expected. The news of the single came forward with a short teaser with the caption, “Tomorrow” and it certainly is here.

The track is nothing but romantic in a very naughty way. Zayn talks about wanting to be closer to his “baby” which we know is Gigi Hadid. He goes on to say that, they can take it slow in the room and have no lies involved. The singer has gotten many sexual innuendoes in the song making the track very steamy. And, you bet the song itself can set your mood because of his vocals.

“Nobody Is Listening” Out Soon!

Zayn Malik has got more plans to make up for 2020. He’s going to release an eleven-track album, “Nobody Is Listening” on January 15, 2020. The album has gotten two singles now, ‘Better’ which dropped in 2020 and now, ‘Vibez’. The details regarding the album aren’t out yet. However, we’ve received a beautiful cover art from the singer.

Hasn’t He Kept Us Waiting?

Zayn Malik has made us wait for too long. The singer dropped “Icarus Falls” in 2018 which followed his debut, “Mind of Mine” of 2016. So, last year, when he gave us a taste of what’s to come with ‘Better’, we were sure we’re in for a treat.

‘Better’ dropped in September, right around the time when Zayn Malik became a father, welcoming a baby girl with Gigi Hadid. Big news, at once. Since then, his fans were waiting on something more and finally, it’s here. We honestly can’t contain our excitement about this, go check out the song.

By: Aatira Kakroo