Zayn Malik’s New Album is On its Way: Fans Speculate

Z3 is coming

Zayn Malik’s fans have been vying for new music recently. And, for good reason, too. The singer’s last main solo release was marked by his 2018 album, “Icarus Falls”. Since then, it’s been a slew of collaborative singles, a verse here and there and the arrival of a baby girl with partner, Gigi Hadid. But, as far as the music goes, it’s been a long wait. 

And so, it isn’t surprising that the singer’s fans are looking for any possible signs leading to new music. And, they might be onto something with these new clues. Earlier today, the Twitter sphere blew up with the hashtag ‘#Z3 IS COMING’ following some changes on Zayn Malik’s social media profiles. The former One Direction member changed the banner images and display images on all his social media handles, fueling the fire of fan speculations. 

The new images see Malik looking charismatic as ever. And, if the new visuals are anything to go by, Malik’s new era is going to be characteristic of his slick, R&B persona. 

And, while the possibility of new music is enough to keep music lovers going for a few more days, Malik’s fans have other reasons to celebrate. The singer, along with partner, Gigi Hadid just welcomed a baby girl. So, the Great Quarantine of 2020 has been a busy one for the pair. 

In addition, there has been no official confirmation from Malik’s side, yet. So, for updates on the possibility of ‘Z3’, keep your eyes peeled.

By: Ahalya Narayanan