Rock The Talk With Raghu Vine Store

RJ Rohit had a chat with content creator, Raghu Vine Store about his content and how he got into it.

Raghu Gowda is famous for making short comic videos. Raghu’s page, ‘Raghu Vine Store’ is well-liked by his followers. During COVID-19 lockdown, Raghu reportedly became a digital phenomenon. His popularity increased to the point where he was asked to appear on the reality TV programme ‘Big Boss Kannada 8’, which marked a significant turning point in his life. 

Image Courtesy: Wiki Bio

Raghu was aware that he did not wish to pursue a profession in computer applications even after earning his degree. He joined a company and spent seven years working in the corporate sector, then worked as a freelancer for various social media networks and started his own channel. He posted brief videos to Facebook, which helped him gain popularity on social media through content creation.

Raghu is one of the most gifted artists of this generation and has a terrific sense of humour. He has produced a wide range of content, including food vlogs, product reviews, celebrity interviews and humourous videos. Through his ingenuity, his manner of speaking, and the way he creates the videos, Raghu has captured the hearts of a million Kannadigas over the past couple of years.

Image Courtesy: Times of India

RJ Rohit had a chat with content creator, Raghu Vine Store about his content, how he got into it and so much more! Check it out! 

–Riya Sohini