The Drive with Sundeep Rao

Sundeep Rao is India’s only partially blind comic! He brings his comic foresight, which unlike his sight is rather clear. Influenced by Indians and inspired by the world; Sundeep has been a professional comic since 2012. An improvisational actor and voice-over artist, he’s brought his unique comic timing and dry humour to stages across India. Now, Sundeep is all set to bring that same unique style and humour to the airwaves with Indigo 91.9 FM as the host of the Evening Show!

The funnyman was once an IT company employee but realised after working for tree years that it was boring. He made his debut at Vir Das’ amateur night. One thing led into another from there on, and Sundeep is today one of the most established comedians in India with gigs across Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Bangalore, Dubai and Singapore.

Sundeep draws inspiration from everyday life and has a knack for observing so much more than most people with 20/20 vision can. His jokes are twisted with life lessons, true talks, sarcasm drawn upon caste, his personal disability and insecurities of life. Born and brought up in Bangalore, Sundeep knows exactly what life is like for the fun & young Bangalore today. More importantly, he’s able to look past the negative side of living in Bangalore to remind us all why we love this city so much.

The Evening Show is exactly what you need after a long day of work. With Sundeep Rao as the host, you’re guaranteed to laugh and smile your way back home, no matter how your day has been!

Catch Sundeep Rao on The Drive from 5 PM – 9PM, every weekday.