Alesso is Looking For a Vocalist and it Could be You

The Swedish funny man tweeted early last week saying that he was looking for a vocalist for his new track ‘Midnight’, which he teased along in his post. Of course we don’t know if that was a joke or not, but we do know that Alesso did manage to find a painfully beautiful vocalist for the track because, well, he has let us know (lol). 

If you are wondering who it is, here’s the scoop. It’s none other that our 1D boy — Liam Payne. While Harry and Niall have been up and about releasing albums and thinking about touring the world, we did wonder where Payne had been hiding. And we are wondering no more. He was probably getting some laughs in with Alesso before going into this isolation period and of course, creating some great music. 

The song will be released on the 8th of April and Alesso has made it clear that remixes from other producers is highly welcome via the hashtag #AlessoMidnight . So get ready on those boards and get excited for a new anthem!