Are We Getting A Sam Smith x Donnie Darko Collab?

It looks like Sam Smith’s ringing in Valentine’s Day with a brand new song! This one’s called, ‘To Die For’, yup, doesn’t really fit in with the theme of love but we’re super stoked, nonetheless!

Smith’s dropping the track this Friday, marking this number as their first of 2020. They’ve already given us a taste of this one, through a sample. Smith’s soulful vocals fall over the haunting notes of a piano before he confesses, ‘I just want somebody to die for’. Smith’s track dances over a clip from the 2001 film, Donnie Darko.

You hear someone asking Donnie, “Does that scare you?”

And he replies with, “I don’t want to be alone”

Perhaps, Smith’s giving us a hint here. Maybe the fear of loneliness falls at the crux of his new track.

“Releasing this song is going to be a wild one – I feel like it’s from one of the deepest parts of me. I wrote this with Jimmy Napes and Stargate in L.A. during a time of self-discovery and heartbreak. This is for all the lonely hearts out there on another Valentine’s Day xx,” Smith explained.

“To Die For” follows Smith’s 2019 releases – “How Do You Sleep,” which topped charts across the world and managed to amass over 600 million streams worldwide.
Smith’s always had a way of crossing some incredible milestones, in fact, back in 2014, their debut album itself, has sold over 25 million copies worldwide, until now. They’re a wonderfully gifted artist and have managed to gain the recognition for it. They’ve not only bagged 4 Grammys, but also on that list is a Golden Globe, an Oscar and three BRIT Awards! At the age of only 27, coming this far in the music industry is no simple feat.

We can’t wait to see how this new track unfolds, but from the sample itself, we can already tell that it’s going to be really good!